Black Holes. One of the things I like to do is to visualize and feel what might be happening at different scales. We operate at a very specific scale. To us, a mountain is big and an anthill is small. But there are so many other places to imagine the universe and all of its (imaginable and knowable) contents from. 


One thing I like to try to imagine is how matter wants to behave in space at the planetary and galactic scale.  Working with “stuff” all day everyday has given me a little insight into how that stuff most wants to behave. Although it is all behaving in a familiar gravity/electricity stricken, oxygen and nitrogen laden atmosphere, the basic “laws of nature” are such that one can safely assume they may behave similarly in the so called vacuum of space- with a little adjusting.


Anyway, about black holes... my sculptor’s (and lay astrophysicist)  theory is this: matter is dissimilar from space, therefore matter tends to separate and bind to itself much like tar balls in ocean water (oil/water). This is as much an electric process as it is a gravitational one (in my eyes gravelectric) which does what it does from the quantum all the way to the galactic (I challenge a math whiz to fill in that blank: a simple 4 dimensional GUT or Grand Unified Theory).  


What about black holes? When matter accumulates so much that it becomes “heavy”, either as a massive star or the center of a galaxy, it reacts to the surface tension of space and “pops” back through to where it came or “reintegrates”- the Enrtopic Ideal. This whole Big Bang/Black Hole cycle (which I believe there are infinite big bangs and infinite black holes) is a form a universal matter-space convection. We live in the turbulence of this cosmic dance.