A letter to #NeilDeGrasseTyson

Hi Neil,

Great post on Dark Energy/matter. I am a sculptor and work with many materials all day almost everyday. It’s a lab of sorts. I call it “irrational experiments in physics”.

Some thoughts on matter and the universe:

•The universe is a giant energy convection event. •Big bangs are the result of energy instability (a natural and predictable state of energy). •matter is dissimilar to “space” aka the other 94.1% (like oil and water). •matter accumulates according to the laws of flocculation/electricity (like tarballs in water). •when it gets big enough you have a super nova type event which is essentially “space surface tension” giving in to the intrusion of matter. This is the other end of convection. Like boiling water, a circulation of energy in a dense medium (dense compared to a giant star, not us). •space is expanding. The “known universe” as we can see it, is just an afterimage. Ancient trails of light. It’s far more spread out and “entropated” than we can imagine.

We are a cosmic flourish. A curiosity of intelligent energy. Nothing’s Normal. Alive in the Miracle. 😊

Keep raising consciousness! It can only help ensure our continued, very special point of view. Many thanks, Emil

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