starsuit is a stainless steel sculpture by Emil Alzamora

Sculptor’s blog, earth date: Dec 18th 2017. 
I have ... never.... had a .. blog ... before. It seems like an easy enough thing to do and to subject upon a willing public. I say willing because you are here. If you’re not a bot and you are reading this, well then thank you for your even greater commitment to checking out my services as a sculptor and now, for the first time ever, public diarist. 

Some things are better said than sculpted. I hope to figure out what that might be. I have often felt that writing is an important part of the artistic process. 

Process. My emotions and thoughts are floating around and they accumulate into ideas which, when conditions are perfect take form via some sort of material or process turning a wave into a particle. 

Anyway. I close with a poem I wrote trying to figure out an unclumsy title for a newly resolved work of art. 

Star Suit

On my way to the stars,
deep space hold me tight
hold me close
light take me reflect on my skin
hold my breath eternal.
Electric wind sail through me,
a spark a stellar flash.
Adrift in the spotlights of the gods
I bow to you
my flesh cool and still
heavy and dense as iron and elements bound.
Call on me. I come.