A letter to #NeilDeGrasseTyson

Hi Neil,

Great post on Dark Energy/matter. I am a sculptor and work with many materials all day almost everyday. It’s a lab of sorts. I call it “irrational experiments in physics”.

Some thoughts on matter and the universe:

•The universe is a giant energy convection event. •Big bangs are the result of energy instability (a natural and predictable state of energy). •matter is dissimilar to “space” aka the other 94.1% (like oil and water). •matter accumulates according to the laws of flocculation/electricity (like tarballs in water). •when it gets big enough you have a super nova type event which is essentially “space surface tension” giving in to the intrusion of matter. This is the other end of convection. Like boiling water, a circulation of energy in a dense medium (dense compared to a giant star, not us). •space is expanding. The “known universe” as we can see it, is just an afterimage. Ancient trails of light. It’s far more spread out and “entropated” than we can imagine.

We are a cosmic flourish. A curiosity of intelligent energy. Nothing’s Normal. Alive in the Miracle. 😊

Keep raising consciousness! It can only help ensure our continued, very special point of view. Many thanks, Emil

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Black Holes. One of the things I like to do is to visualize and feel what might be happening at different scales. We operate at a very specific scale. To us, a mountain is big and an anthill is small. But there are so many other places to imagine the universe and all of its (imaginable and knowable) contents from. 


One thing I like to try to imagine is how matter wants to behave in space at the planetary and galactic scale.  Working with “stuff” all day everyday has given me a little insight into how that stuff most wants to behave. Although it is all behaving in a familiar gravity/electricity stricken, oxygen and nitrogen laden atmosphere, the basic “laws of nature” are such that one can safely assume they may behave similarly in the so called vacuum of space- with a little adjusting.


Anyway, about black holes... my sculptor’s (and lay astrophysicist)  theory is this: matter is dissimilar from space, therefore matter tends to separate and bind to itself much like tar balls in ocean water (oil/water). This is as much an electric process as it is a gravitational one (in my eyes gravelectric) which does what it does from the quantum all the way to the galactic (I challenge a math whiz to fill in that blank: a simple 4 dimensional GUT or Grand Unified Theory).  


What about black holes? When matter accumulates so much that it becomes “heavy”, either as a massive star or the center of a galaxy, it reacts to the surface tension of space and “pops” back through to where it came or “reintegrates”- the Enrtopic Ideal. This whole Big Bang/Black Hole cycle (which I believe there are infinite big bangs and infinite black holes) is a form a universal matter-space convection. We live in the turbulence of this cosmic dance. 




These first several days of 2018 have been mostly spent in the studio going through old piles of materials and accumulated objects and half finished or unresolved works (for some reason or another I convinced myself that I would do something with them) and either throwing them out or seriously organizing them.


At 42, I realize that time is a diminishing resource even if you do get all 24 hours of every day. It might be the relationship we have to an hour, day or a year, as we accumulate them, they feel less singular or defined. Relatively speaking they are actually smaller when seen geometrically, or in shapes as they relate to each other and the whole...


My effort is to gain clarity and focus to be able to not get tripped up on old baggage that becomes part of the hardwiring unless a conscious effort is made to upgrade the OS.

Consciousness is a theme of interest lately for me. How conscious are we as individuals? And as a group? I feel we cannot thrive (or even survive in any familiar sense) unless we start being really conscious of what we value and to what end?



starsuit is a stainless steel sculpture by Emil Alzamora

Sculptor’s blog, earth date: Dec 18th 2017. 
I have ... never.... had a .. blog ... before. It seems like an easy enough thing to do and to subject upon a willing public. I say willing because you are here. If you’re not a bot and you are reading this, well then thank you for your even greater commitment to checking out my services as a sculptor and now, for the first time ever, public diarist. 

Some things are better said than sculpted. I hope to figure out what that might be. I have often felt that writing is an important part of the artistic process. 

Process. My emotions and thoughts are floating around and they accumulate into ideas which, when conditions are perfect take form via some sort of material or process turning a wave into a particle. 

Anyway. I close with a poem I wrote trying to figure out an unclumsy title for a newly resolved work of art. 

Star Suit

On my way to the stars,
deep space hold me tight
hold me close
light take me reflect on my skin
hold my breath eternal.
Electric wind sail through me,
a spark a stellar flash.
Adrift in the spotlights of the gods
I bow to you
my flesh cool and still
heavy and dense as iron and elements bound.
Call on me. I come.